Education Master’s Degree Specializations

Colleges and universities across America offer many forms of Master’s degree programs in Education. These include the Master of Arts in Education, The Master of Science in Education, The Master of Education (M.Ed.), and several others.

There are also many different specialty programs within each type of Master’s degree to fit most every Education-related career path that one might choose. And within many of these specialty programs, students can further specialize with additional concentrations by focusing on certain populations of students or particular subject areas.

Master’s programs in Education prepare graduates to become better teachers at every level of our school systems. There are different specializations available for every population of students from early childhood to elementary school to high school to colleges and universities.

There are also programs that prepare teachers to specialize in particular subjects. In addition to working with a particular population of students, graduates can focus their study and advance their skills in subject areas like Art. Others might choose to focus on areas like Health and PE. Still others might choose Math or Science as their specialty.

Some of these Education Master’s programs prepare educators to become principals, school administrators, and school superintendents. They offer specialty programs in school administration and leadership.

Many of the programs above also prepare graduates to work in teaching, management, and administration positions in various non-academic settings. These include state, national, and international government agencies, non-profit organizations, museums, and corporations.

There are countless other specialty areas for those pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. They are too numerous to mention here, but surely there is one that is right for you.

Career opportunities abound for those holding a Master’s degree in Education. Find the program, degree, and specialty area that matches your aspirations. And chase your dreams!