Gifted and Talented Education Degree Programs

If you are considering a career working with exceptional children then a Masters degree in Education with a specialization in Gifted and Talented Education can prepare you for such a career.

Many states are now mandating education of the gifted and talented at all grade levels. As a result, in those states there is a shortage of (and therefore, high demand for) qualified teachers.

Gifted and Talented Education is sometimes its own specialization with an Master’s program in Education. However, in some Master’s level programs, it is simply a concentration within a Special Education specialty program.

These programs are designed to prepare graduates with an understanding of the needs of this population of students. Graduates learn a variety of instructional models and strategies for educating them. They develop skills needed to design, deliver, and evaluate educational programs for gifted students.

Gifted and Talented Education programs prepare graduates to work in a variety of settings, not just in public and private schools. They can work in museums, summer enrichment programs, and hold many other positions as educators of exceptional children.