Education Administration Degree Programs

Those seeking a Master’s degree in Education Administration will usually have started their educational career as a teacher. They are typically teachers or administrators looking to advance their careers by moving up the school administration organization.

These programs prepare graduates for positions as a school principal, assistant principal, school superintendent, dean, chancellor, director of instruction, or other administrator jobs. School administrators take on a variety of responsibilities at many levels including but not limited to:

  • Overseeing educational policy
  • Overseeing disciplinary policy
  • Hiring, evaluating, and firing educators and other school employees
  • Making budgetary decisions
  • Making school safety decision
  • Collaborating with parents of students and the community

Depending on the position held, these responsibilities might be made at the school level or school district level.

Some Education Administration degree programs will meet all state requirements for certification as a principal or administrator. Others might only partially meet certification requirements and require a few additional classes in order to be certified.

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