Early Childhood Education Degree Programs

Early Childhood Education has long been a popular area of study among teachers. It prepares them for a career influencing the lives of young children. Many teachers find shaping children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development during those formative years to be the most rewarding of careers.

Master of Education programs with a specialization in Early Childhood Education (ECE) are designed to train educators that work with kids from birth until approximately 10 years of age. This includes preschool, kindergarten, and primary/elementary school teachers. Graduates of the program might also choose to teach ECE on the college or university level.

The primary goal of most ECE programs is teach educators to design, implement, and evaluate age and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for young children. Graduates learn how to encourage children’s curiosity and exploration of the world around them.

This Master’s level specialization in education, unlike many others, often doesn’t require one to have previous teaching experience. And with many baby boomers reaching retirement age, forecasts indicate that there will be a high demand for teachers with training in Early Childhood Education over the coming decade.

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