Educational Leadership Degree Programs

Master’s programs in Educational Leadership are typically designed to provide a strong foundation for school administrators in skills required to improve schools and schools systems through instructional leadership. These programs are often very similar to Education Administration specialty programs.

Such programs typically prepare educators for many types of leadership positions at public, private, charter, and religious schools offering pre-K through 12th grade curriculum. Graduation from one of these programs can lead to licensure as a principal, supervisor or director, business manager, or superintendent.

Participants in Educational Leadership programs learn by studying and performing research in areas such as instructional leadership, academic leadership, and organizational leadership. Through their studies and research, Master’s students learn:

  • How to develop effective educators
  • How to design and implement curricula and educational programs
  • How to design and implement effective education organizations

If you are seeking state certification as a principal, be sure to note whether your chosen program meets all of the requirements for certification or whether additional classes will be required to be certified.

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