Higher Education Degree Programs

There are many types of Master’s in Education degrees with a specialization in Higher Education. They are designed to prepare graduates to hold management and administration positions in community colleges, colleges and universities. They also prepare graduates for administrative and management positions in non-academic settings working with national and international organizations, government agencies, foundations, and corporations.

Many such programs require a set of core Higher Education administration and leadership classes. Students in these programs are typically required to select a secondary concentration from areas such as:

  • Global Education
  • Higher Education Policy
  • Community College Administration and Leadership
  • Student Development and Affairs
  • Adult Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Enrollment Management

Master’s programs in Higher Education produce leaders with effective communication skills. Graduates gain skills used to collaborate within the higher education community. They learn to address complex issues facing institutions today including but not limited to technology, legal and policy requirements, competition, and finance.

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